Between March and May 2019, the HILLARY partners hosted national competitions for “Start-up Women’s Cup” in 6 countries – Romania, Lithuania, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. In the contest, the participants needed to fill out the Hillary canvas with their own social enterprise ideas. It was amazing to see so many new, fresh ideas from a younger female generation, with entrepreneurial skills, that they want to use to make a positive impact on this world.


In June 2019, the national winners faced off in the Netherlands on the International Start-up Women’s Cup, where the grand winner received a prize of 2000 EUR. The winning idea came from Spain. Andrea, Sofia and Luna are young female entrepreneurs who established Verde Agua, an ecological consulting enterprise focused on dealing with the plastics issue, including labour environment, production and supply chain. We have no doubts they will make their mark in making a world a better place, as well as the other contestants. Curious about them and their ideas?


Let’s meet them!

SPAIN - Verde Agua


Verde Agua Consulting is a multidisciplinary team created by three female university students – Sofia, Andrea and Luna - of different fields concern with the negative impact of non-biodegradable plastics not only in the ecosystems but also in citizens life. Due to the existing regulations that have been recently endorsed by the European Union related to the “single-use plastics”, Verde Agua Consulting has been born in that very moment where companies are in need of orientation to implement sustainable alternatives in a transversal way. The team aim to reorientate to sustainable decisions when possible and increase awareness in the enterprise philosophy and therefore contribute to the wellbeing of the whole society. 




Alexandra Matei is a product designer student. She wants to help people with special needs, that is why she took her graduation project as an opportunity to start doing this. That's how ACT was born. ACT is a set of utensil dedicated to persons suffering of arthritis or other diseases that affect the mobility of the hands.  With Act, people can enjoy eating again without the help of others.

UNITED KINGDOM - Lovely Humans


Children deal with a lot more than what we as adults are comfortable admitting. How do you talk about anger, disappointment, exclusion or loneliness with a child? How can their sense of self be strengthened over time, so that they can handle obstacles as they grow up? Lovely Humans, founded by Liliana Schiffbauer, is an online show in which a range of diverse characters face every day challenges through exploring their emotions and those of others. The show aims to provide tools to develop emotional awareness, coping skills and increase empathy. 


ITALY - Curcuma


Lidia Habteghiorghis is a project manager who has worked in the hospitality sector in Milan and London. While Cecilia is a social worker operating daily with migrant people for their social integration. Curcuma wants to be an experience where social equality and friendship meet the privilege of testing delicious food from all over the world! Curcuma indeed is a social kitchen for those who want to taste interculturality and new culinary experiences in the Milano area. 



Dorien Beijk is a social entrepreneur on a mission. Not just a better hygiene, but also a cleaner world. She realizes that mission withing her circular company Loofy’s. By using natural raw materials, the brand is developing into a fresh and fair alternative to the existing bath and shower products. Loofy’s distinguishing feature is that no plastic is used, neither in the products nor in the packaging. In this way we not only keep ourselves, but also nature, clean.

LITHUANIA - Baltas pūkas


Živilė Jakštaitė and Žaneta Žeimytė stand behind the idea of “Baltas pūkas”, a hotel for peaceful conversations with a cup of coffee or tea and delicious life-sweetening pastries. Their reasoning behind it is, that in this modern world, smart technologies occupy the most important place in people’s life, they forget real intercommunication. Their idea is to promote a true-life, sincere interaction without social networks, telephones and other smart devices. 

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