HILLARY wants to inspire and support female students close to graduation attending universities in humanities and arts, educational and social science who face difficulties in the transition from university to work to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and attitude. The project goal is to integrate an entrepreneurial education model to foster the employability of these students.


Data shows that the majority of entrepreneurship courses are offered in business and economic studies. The challenge is to make entrepreneurship education accessible to all students. Non-business students have an excellent humanistic and theoretical background and knowledge. They have very strong product ideas but could benefit from more entrepreneurial and business knowledge to transform their challenging ideas into business opportunities. The Hillary project supports female students to develop their creativity through social innovation. Enabling students to start their own social business will create a positive impact for the future economic and social development of the regions involved into the project.


To reach its objectives Hillary will create an Online Community for female university students to learn more about social entrepreneurship, apply their knowledge to real market needs, develop their projects, receive feedback and network. 


The online community is based on the principles of open innovation and crowdsourcing, and is an unique opportunity for students to get the right skills to transform their idea into reality. 


The online community will contain the following elements: 


1. A step-by-step tutorial that will guide the user through his/her entrepreneurial journey, with e-learning material to learn about entrepreneurship, social innovation, business modelling, marketing and finance.

2. A section where each student will apply the acquired knowledge to develop the business model of their project, with the possibility of receiving feedback from the community members.

3. A section to openly discuss about relevant topics developed by students and/or by members of the community related to the subject of the business plan.


4. A section with the profiles of all members of the community, students launching their ideas, mentors, advisory board, etc.


  • University students who come from universities in humanities and arts, education and social science who demonstrate interest into project planning, entrepreneurship and a great sensitiveness to gender equality issues and measures;
  • University staff involved into teaching such humanities subjects and classes which show low practical/high theoretical contents and all the professors who want to innovate their formative offer.
  • Other beneficiaries to which this project is interesting

Research institutes, universities and university incubators

VET providers
Local authorities and decision makers 
Traditional businesses, entrepreneurs, SMEs at local and European level 

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